Urban Tapestries
and my artistic mission

“The buildings I look at, reveal themselves to me not as mere places to live. I am fascinated by the abstract qualities of architecture, of which I testify by capturing and creating, what I call Urban Tapestries.”

Geometric patterns, rhythm and lines are driving forces in my art. What fascinates me in photography is the interplay between ‘realistic’ registration and geometric abstraction. This is why I often choose to photograph (elements of) architecture. Apart from its functions (housing, office space, contemplation), architecture also has a graphical, abstract dimension.

Looking at my work, you will still recognize facades and windows, but at the same time you may perceive these compositions as carefully designed tapestries. This is why I have started referring to my work as Urban Tapestries. They are the result of observing (Dutch) city life and at the same time they are abstract patterns.

When making photographs I look for elements and places that intuitively fit into ‘my world’. In this way I often come up with particular fields full of dense rhythms, colors and lines. Sometimes I wonder why I have this inclination. My answer is that seeing patterns and geometrical rhythms simply is a very vital source of happiness to me.

My mission as an artist
The main reason for me to create is sharing that sense of joy with the rest of the world. Therefore it is my mission to enrich people’s lives by introducing beautiful tapestries to their eyes.

Paul Brouns
(The Netherlands)